天野雅康 Msayasu Amano
1983年5月6日 愛知県出身
(drummer, percussionist)

小学生の10歳の頃からマーチングバンドにてトランペットを吹き始める。 中学生の14歳の時にドラムを始める。 高校の頃、地元ライブハウス等でバンド活動を始める。その後中京大学へ進学。 2003年秋、甲陽音楽学院へ入学 学生時より市内のジャズクラブでプレイし始め、ジャズミュージシャンとしてのキャリアをスタートさせる。またジャズ以外にもラテン、ダンスミュージックへのアプローチも多彩でさまざまなバンドに参加する。

卒業後、ジャズの探求のため、2007年NY, 2008年Torontoで開催されたIAJEに参加。
2010年夏、アメリカ、ワシントン州シアトルにて開催されたJazz Port Townsendに参加。スカラーシップアワードを受け、Terell Stafford氏のコンボクラス, Clarence Acox氏のビックバンドクラスに参加。様々な音楽と人々との出会いに、自身の人生観を変えてしまうような音楽体験をする。
2012年1月、ケンタッキー州ルイビルで開催されたJazz Education Networkに参加。その後NYへ短期滞在し、Jimmy Cobbをはじめ素晴らしいミュージシャンとの出会いが、自身の音楽スタイルに多大なる影響をもたらす。

Masayasu Amano was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, on May 6, 1983, Masayasu Amano is one of versatile drummer in Central Japan at the moment. When he was elementary student, he joined marching band as a trumpeter for 3 years. And he started learning keyboard at Yamaha music academy. He started his music career on drum set at the age of 14. When he was high school student, he started band performance. He completed his academic training at Koyo conservatory of Music, and graduated 5 semester advanced program. And he started playing the drums at jazz club in that area. And he also started playing hand percussion like Congas, Djembe in a band at the club or open-air festivals. After he graduated Koyo conservatory of Nagoya, in an effort of progress, he attended IAJE 2007 in NYC, IAJE 2008 in Toronto. In 2008, when he moved to Tokyo as an active base, he learn drums from Minoru Sakata, and percussion from Kosmas Kapitza. And he performed with distinguished musicians. From 2008 to present, he's often performing with Japanese distinguished Trombone player Tommy: swing journal gold disc award winner, and his 1st album "Five spot after dark-Tommy in New York-" featuring George Cables on piano, Gerald Cannon on bass, Willie Jones V on drums. In 2010 summer, he took part in Centrum Jazz Port Townsend 2010 Seattle WA, after receiving a scholarship award. He performed as a drummer of Terell Stafford's combo and Centrum big band directed by Clarence Acox(ds). And he attended Drum Master Class. Since then, he started career as a big band drummer. He had turning around point, and growth opportunity being created by meeting music, people & experience. In 2012 January, he participated Jazz Education Network in Louisville, and he stayed NYC 2 weeks after JEN. He had a chance to learn legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb, Willie JonesV, Pheeroan Aklaff, Keita Ogawa. These experience in NYC brought effects to himself.



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